Monday, October 20, 2008

Moving Forward and Onto the Screen!

Hello folks,
Rob Garrett here to do some much needed updates on the current status of Xmoor Studios.
Eric and I had such a busy summer... trying to keep the promotional front going and making sure that we completed the fourth issue of GALTOW. We feel so fortunate to have Joel Carpenter come on board and complete the book.
As I have said so many times before self publishing is not for the faint of heart, and we have had several bumps in the road..... But that has really made our determination to succeed even stronger.
Recently we promoted at the New York Anime Festival at the Javitt center. We did not have high expectations after the first day of the show.... It was rainy, cold, and mostly everyone was looking for whatever animation show was currently catching their attention. The costumes were great and the kids were having a ball... Sales really weren't going strong. But Saturday and Sunday were the complete opposite! We sold a lot of books, and gained countless fans who were feeling our books. It turned out to be a good time, and we can't wait to do it again next year.

The upcoming GALTOW Trade Paperback will be ready for the Christmas Holidays and we have quite a few goodies from some great up and coming artists to fill out the book. The colored version of issues #1 and #2 are just looking awesome! Colorist Jay Aguilera's digital skills have brought a new feel to the artwork that really makes the pages pop!We are so looking forward to going out into the international market with GALTOW because we are still just getting notice from the huge comic market... And so far they seem to like GALTOW!

Now onto some really big News!
Xmoor Studios has signed a Film and Gaming development agreement with a Hollywood Producer/Director!
This is a deal that will develop a live action film for our flagship series GALTOW. Slowly but surely we have been putting into place and contacting people who can help us to achieve this goal. We've also caught the attention of the largest International Stuntman group who have worked on films such as 300, The Matrix, and the upcoming Wolverine Movie....
These gentlemen are really excited to bring the world of GALTOW to the screen, and trust me - Eric and I are elated to see that this project is coming to a reality.
Right now things are slowly forming as a screenplay has started to develop and we await the addition of a Hollywood studio to distribute the film. But it is no longer a matter of if there will be a GAlTOW movie.... it's now a matter of when! We still have a ways to go before the filming can go on.... And wait until you hear some of the casting deals!
( I'm doing my dance now)
Also, we will be developing the GALTOW video game to coincide with the film... And we are also Hard at work on a possible animation project..... Here at Xmoor, Eric and I never sleep.... Well not until we

Now it's time to prepare for the New York Comic Con in February!
Thanks for reading