Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday, November 7, 2011

Setting up for 2012

With Convention season passing Xmoor Studios is going into the next phase of production with Various properties which we will be developing and a joint venture with Argoauts on the horizon. We will be very busy!
Here's just a glimpse of the upcoming projects...

We will be releasing the Printed version of HOUSE OF GALES in December with a few surprises:

Also there will be INHERITOR's #2 illustrated by N Steven Harris:

And finally there's the long awaited Book #2 of AJALA coming in 2012!

Written by Robert Garrett & N Steven Harris:

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Well after a long delay, I want to announce that I have completed the first book in my series of Novellas in the "LOST CHILD" Fantasy series: The HOUSE of GALES.
There are some great illustrated images included in the e-book and I'm already hard at work on book Two which I'm shooting to release for the begining of the year.
I hope that folks embrace the book because I'm sure you're like the ride and the multitude of dynamic characters that I will be introducing
Barnes and Nobles as an e-book!
Come check it out:

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Now this is a way to enjoy the NEW YORK COMIC CON 2011

Here are some great pics from the recently passed New York Comic Con! Eric and I were working the Con, and got a great lift from the Lovely Models who looked like they were born to play the Parts of JIYA of GALTOW and JASIRA from The FRINGE!

The models were

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Xmoor Studios at the New York Comic Con!!!

Rob Garrett and I will be at the NYC con sharing a booth with the uber talented N. Steven Harris in the Small Press section of the NYC con this week. We will be at booth # 2742 all four days of the con Oct.13 - 16th. We'll be coming out to promote some new projects this year starting with Rob's very first novella! He's been on a roll and feeling good about the new direction his creative goals are taking and today you get a preview of the start of his new novella series of a fantasy concept called "The House Of Gales"...

The O’rom says…
That for a Gale to live… A Gale must die--- It has always been the way…, ... An ancient threat has arisen from the desert of ERINTHAR… As five kingdoms titter on the verge of war, unspeakable evil has once again begun to marshal the legions intent on bringing a goddess of death back to the lands of Afer. According to Prophecy the returning Heir of The Great House will beckon a new age of war, death and destruction that shall threaten to destroy the world.., The Heir must rise to challenge Wister Rabnor before he can tear apart the very gates of hell to release his bride. Only the Heir can reunite the shattered alliance of the ruling houses of man and force them to accept the reality that with his arrival so to will man once again wield Fangrooth: the true world’s magic, lost to mankind for three thousand years... Dane Jordan has been troubled by disturbing dreams of his dead wife that he has blamed himself for... In these dreams Dane remembers a great warrior, the regal Battle Wizard Mal’lanthra Gale fighting amid the corridors of Red Aldure, the ancient keep of the Gales… And then he remembers the destruction of the world.., A world that now beckons him home… What is more troubling is the reality that Dane is a twenty five year old suicidal police officer living in New York City… Welcome to “The House of Gales”…..

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Posters & Items

Well Eric and I are gearing up for a great show at the approaching New York City Comic Con, Yes it's a few months away but needless to say time flys when your trying to prepare new
You can now go to our store and purchase the poster as well as the KEYLON JAKES BUST at a lower price!
Well we will be adding new products to the store starting with today's addition The GALTOW poster by Jay Aguilera!

Also I wanted to put the word out there once again that the first three issues of GALTOW are available on Cloud 9 Comix, Australia's first digital comic book publisher. Providing comic book content on digital platforms such as iPad, iPhone/iPod Touch, Android, Blackberry, Kindle, and others...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Xmoor Video Game Promo

Finally! working with KALANI GAMES we have been able to put together a game play animation for our GALTOW video game promotion put together by our production partner KALANI GAMES:

We are currently looking for a video production game Company to take on GALTOW as a major game ready for the masses.

So help us out and pass the link along and lets keep the word of mouth moving forwards...

And those Video game companies looking for a up and coming Intellectual property contact us.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Calling Xmoor Studios supporters!

INDIEGOGO Xmoor Studios NYC Comic Con

Help us complete the GALTOW Collected Edition For New York Comic Con 2011
Do you want to be a CLAN HOUSE MEMBER of GALTOW?
We are offering 12 people a chance to be illustrated into issues 5 & 6 of the story arc finale…
Xmoor studios need all our loyal fans and followers to step up to the plate… We need your support! I’ve posted up a project fundraiser at IndiGoGo and Eric and I are trying to raise some funds to finish off our indie publishing flagship title GALTOW. We have four issues completed and have compiled those into a full color trade paperback and we need help finishing off the last two issues we’re looking to make a completed trade book of the entire first story arc which will be ready in time for this years New York Con in October. Take a look at our IndiGoGo fundraiser and if you have any questions we can be contacted at xmoor2(@) and eric(@) Eric will be adjusting some poster art he created a while back for GALTOW to make it into a signed pitch cover. Below is the newly adjusted line art and I will post a pic of the full color version soon being digitally colored by the uber talented Julian Aguilera. Eric has never been asked to do cover art before but we know his first shot will be well received. Thank you all for any and all support as Rob G. and I will continue to put our best creative feet forward and strive to continually make exciting projects!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Xmoor at ECBACC this weekend!!!

We'll have a table at ECBACC in Philly and will have some goods for sale. Saturday May 21st - be there! Tool-Boi? What's that all about? Stop by the table and find out!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Rise of the Hound!

Who is Pharaoh Hound? Friend or Foe? Find out soon...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Xmoor Studios Spotlight on

Rob Garrett got a top spot with Xmoor Studios "Top black graphic artists" on along with some major players in the comic book and indie comic business. Very nice that the illustrated Tuttz book we're working on got mentioned too. Check out the full link with all the other artists here!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Tuttz illustrated book is underway...

Rob and I have been working on the breakdowns and character development for the Tuttz illustrated book. I'll be busy roughing out the initial designs for what most of the cast will look like as Rob continues to develop the story and dialogue. We try to meet up every two weeks to keep things going and will have more updates soon. Here's a shot of the rough Tuttz manual and hopefully there will some real cover art coming down the pike.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Who is...Tuttz?

Xmoor Studios and Argonaut Resins in collaboration for 2011!!!
Hey all! Rob and I have been wanting to start dropping some info on a new project we're working on that will take us into a new area of publishing. It's time we stretch our creative muscles and show that we will be doing more projects other than comic books! First up is the Tuttz - (King Tutankhamun's cat) a illustrated book project based of my resin collectible company's Argonaut Resins award winning cat figurine in which (my publishing partner in crime/ Xmoor Studios head honcho) Robert Garrett will take on the writing duties. I will be collaborating with Robert to develop the story and characters and we will be putting together a new art team to help illustrate the book and will show some of the progress images very soon! The teaser add from photos taken by The One Cam and Randy Ortiz of When Giants Meet who covered my set up at Toy Fair (thanks guys!) Stay tuned for more info on the development of this exciting new project as well as exclusive merchandise (Tuttz and friends resin figurines!!!) to debut here on this blog. Who is Tuttz...?
Take a look -

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Xmoor Studios at Black Comic Book Day Harlem NYC!

February 19th (NYC) Xmoor Studios very own writer/creator Robert Garrett will be on hand to sign comics and talk shop on Black Comic Book Day at the the Hue-Man Bookstore and Café in Harlem, 2319 Frederick Douglass Blvd, between 124th and 125th Streets.
Robert Garrett (Galtow, Inheritors, Ajala) will be appearing with syndicated cartoonists Jerry Craft (Mama’s Boyz), Ray Billingsley (Curtis) and artists N. Steven Harris (The Fringe and Ajala), Alex Simmons (The Cartoon Life of Chuck Clayton), comic historian Professor Bill Foster and more as they unveil their rack of indie comics.
For more info on this exciting event check out the Mama's Boyz page here!