Saturday, November 27, 2010

As we work towards the New Year I've decided to keep the creative juices flowing and I'm Currently working on various project that will put Xmoor Stdios into a broader spotlight.
The script for next issue of AJALA has been completed and I'm am replotting GALTOW book five so that we will be going into next year with a full head of steam.
One of the other projects I've undertaken is the retooling of an original Screenpay called VINTAGE VAMP... Let's just call it my intense psychological thriller in the vain of Twin Peaks meets Hitchcock.
Well with the completion of the screenplay I've decided to enter the Screenplay into the freshly announced Amazon Studio contest. I'm hoping that you guys will go and read the script tell a few friends and comment giving the panel of Judges something to think about. Here's the link to the Contest:

Thursday, October 7, 2010

We'll be at the New York Comic Con this week!

Hey all we'll be at the New York Comic Con at the Javitts Center this week starting Oct. 8 - 10th in the Small Press section in BOOTH # 443. We'll have some Galtow trade paperbacks, Tshirts, posters, and some Inheritor and Ajala isuues for sale so stop by and say hi, talk shop and pick up your latest Xmoor fix...This year we will be rolling with some major artistic heavy weights - Grey and the Carbon Fibre Media crew and N. Steven Harris! Keep an eye on this post and I'll see if I can twist Rob G.'s arm for some Comic Con photos to post here...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Xmoor Studios in Black Comix!!!

Hey all Rob and I would like to update you on a new fantastic hardcover book that is featuring some of the pages from our indie flagship title Galtow along with other well known indie comic book publishers and incredibly talented artists! "Black Comix" is an art book from Damian Duffy (Author), John Jennings (Author) with (publisher) Mark Batty, featuring independent comics, art and culture. It's now available to own wherever books are sold so don't miss out on this rare beauty! You can follow their blog to keep up with the Black Comix movement -
AND you can order the book on Amazon right HERE!
Rob and I would like to thank John and Damian for giving us a place with our indie brothers to shine. Thanks guys!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Xmoor Studios has decided to make an aggressive move into the world of live action films and we've brought some Talented Friends with us!
This week we have opened up an Xmoor Studios account right here on IndieGoGo to help us start a pledge drive towards making a Spec Trailer for GALTOW as a promotion for the Hollywood Studios to see. The Trailer would be directed by the multi-talented grand master Action Coordinator Larnell Stovall!
But we need you guys to step up to the plate and pledge some funds towards this project... Eric and I know we have a viable concept that translates into what could be a major marketable franchise... but we need some help getting there.
We'd like to thank Grey, Ken Lashley and N Steven Harris for donating some exciting work that will help us as pledge rewards. Please make sure you visit their awesome sites:

Monday, July 19, 2010

San Diego Exclusive Xmoor Studios swag part 3!!!

We'll have some posters and limited edition signed prints also available at our table in Artist Alley. Check with Rob G. to see what artist (N. Steven Harris, Julian Aguilera) will be around to sign em up for you.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

San Diego Exclusive Xmoor Studios swag part 2!!!

Hey all - we'll also have a few prepaint Keylon Jakes GALTOW Warrior busts and a few all Bronze variants (and one all silver Metallic Fury version) at our table in Artist Alley.

Monday, July 12, 2010

San Diego Exclusive Xmoor Studios swag!!!

Xmoor Studios will debuting some awesome new t-shirts at this years San Diego Comic Con in Artist Alley at TABLE P8 featuring Keylon Jakes and Jiya from our flagship indie comic book series GALTOW. We'll have a limited amount for $20 each at the show in small, medium and large sizes so if you want one swing by the table to get it. Keep an eye here as I drop more news about what will be available at the Xmoor Studios table at comic con!!!


Friday, May 21, 2010

ECBACC show images...

Rob G. and N. Steven Harris held it down at ECBACC in philly on May 15th. It was an awesome show and we sold out of the Galtow collected trade paper back. A big thank you goes out to all who came out to support us and ECBACC production crew. The San Diego Comic Con will be next!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More goodies for ECBACC!!!

Here’s part two of more information on the books we will be bringing to ECBACC 2010:

We are re-releasing Galtow #1 for the first time fully colored! All the black and white issues have sold out and we'd like to have something to get our new readers started on. This is the variant ECBACC cover # 2 here by artist Beni Olea - Variant cover #1 San Diego Comic Con exclusive will be done by none other than master artist GREY!!! Coming real soon...

Here's a little background story info for all of our new readers -
Set in the year 2015, GALTOW centers upon four characters: The silent master JIYA, The massive warrior KEYLON JAKES, the flamboyant Ninja WU REYMOS, and the psychotic LADY CAFA as they fight to survive a post-apocalyptic New York. The main story takes place almost twenty-five years since the conclusion of The Second Vietnam War. The cities of the once proud United States are in constant turmoil, the result of conflicts fought over the years between the Great Clan Houses now acting as the ruling bodies after a disastrous civil uprising, from the ashes of the broken government Warrior Clans are now social classes, enlisting men and women who have embraced the codes of warriors from ancient Credos of the Ninja, Samurai, and Yakuza. Fighters from all walks of life wage violent battles in the streets hoping to gain the attention and respect of the elite fighters. Duels Known as the “GALTOWS” are fought in the great arena’s across the continent seeking the highest echelon of the martial masters… these warriors will go to any length to become a GALTOW master, including genetic enhancements, and cyber augmentations. . For to rule the GALTOWS is to be a living god on earth.

We will also have the GALTOW Trade book of issues 1-4:

...aaaand.....INHERITORS #1!!!

There use to be heroes… Men and women, who could fly, could bend steel… Some you could not see with the naked eye…
Champions of justice that fought evil for over three decades… The Captain, Black Eagle, Damsel, and the Fury. From 1940 thru the 1970’s they were members of the Light Brigade: America’s Champions… It’s just that no one remembers that they ever existed; no one remembers that there were ever any heroes; no one recalls an age when people ascended the imagination… No one remembers the worlds super powered beings --- There were never any paranormals… Or so they would have you believe.

Inheritors is planned as a six part mini-series with an open end potential.
Beginning as a not so simple case for a highly decorated undercover Detective Jude Jefferson, who’s on a personal mission to apprehend a serial killer, explodes into an international cover-up involving global genocide of an entire paranormal generation. Detective Jude Jefferson has discovered that super rich financier Jordan Fincher, who will soon be sworn in as the Mayor of New Hope City is involved in several ritual killings of young women around the city. Jude has a vested interest in seeing Fincher brought to justice. The two men were once the best of friends, childhood buddies until Fincher tried to rape his girlfriend/ now his wife in their college days.

Hope to see you at ECBACC in Philly this Sat...

Saturday, May 8, 2010

ECCBAC Con here we come!!!

Hello fam,

As we get ready for the upcoming ECBACC 2010 Convention Sat May 15th -
I wanted to drop some images from some of the books we will be bringing to the show starting with the long awaited colored and lettered AJALA #1 written by myself Robert Garrett and illustrated by the illustrious Steven N Harris (
Take a look at this slamming cover by Mr. Harris and colored by the
dynamic Mshindo ( -

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Guess what?

We have a uber talented artist collabing with us for the cover of GALTOW issue # 5...Rob and I are so excited about this and we'll post more news and the big reveal soon (trust me you don't want to miss this) for it.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Galtow Book 2 now available on iTunes!!!

Hey all - our iTunes indie comic book uploads continue with our flagship series Galtow book 2 director's cut available for download right here for a bargain price of 99 cent:

We spiced it up a bit with more dialogue and re-edited some scenes to make it even more dynamic.
You can also download Galtow Book 1 Director's cut here:

book 3 will be next!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Galtow screenplay in progress...

Rob G. and the writing crew are hard at work fleshing out the Galtow screenplay - more on that real soon.

Also got a few more warm up Galtow character sketches from Beni Olea...

Friday, February 5, 2010

Gearing up...

Rob G. and I have have working hard behind the scenes pursuing other outlets for all the Xmoor properties and are ready to get going again full blast. First up is the next installment of our indie flagship title Galtow!!! Now that digital formatting is becoming more and more popular and printed comic books making bigger bolder moves to graphic novels we have to find new innovative ways to deliver our product to the masses. Trust me when I say we are working on that...Below are some character sketches from illustrator Beni Olea (you may remember him from his outstanding work on our Inheritors - issue # 1) for the Galtow crew. Keep an eye here as I'll drop some new art as we move forward...