Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Now this is a way to enjoy the NEW YORK COMIC CON 2011

Here are some great pics from the recently passed New York Comic Con! Eric and I were working the Con, and got a great lift from the Lovely Models who looked like they were born to play the Parts of JIYA of GALTOW and JASIRA from The FRINGE!

The models were

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Xmoor Studios at the New York Comic Con!!!

Rob Garrett and I will be at the NYC con sharing a booth with the uber talented N. Steven Harris in the Small Press section of the NYC con this week. We will be at booth # 2742 all four days of the con Oct.13 - 16th. We'll be coming out to promote some new projects this year starting with Rob's very first novella! He's been on a roll and feeling good about the new direction his creative goals are taking and today you get a preview of the start of his new novella series of a fantasy concept called "The House Of Gales"...

The O’rom says…
That for a Gale to live… A Gale must die--- It has always been the way…, ... An ancient threat has arisen from the desert of ERINTHAR… As five kingdoms titter on the verge of war, unspeakable evil has once again begun to marshal the legions intent on bringing a goddess of death back to the lands of Afer. According to Prophecy the returning Heir of The Great House will beckon a new age of war, death and destruction that shall threaten to destroy the world.., The Heir must rise to challenge Wister Rabnor before he can tear apart the very gates of hell to release his bride. Only the Heir can reunite the shattered alliance of the ruling houses of man and force them to accept the reality that with his arrival so to will man once again wield Fangrooth: the true world’s magic, lost to mankind for three thousand years... Dane Jordan has been troubled by disturbing dreams of his dead wife that he has blamed himself for... In these dreams Dane remembers a great warrior, the regal Battle Wizard Mal’lanthra Gale fighting amid the corridors of Red Aldure, the ancient keep of the Gales… And then he remembers the destruction of the world.., A world that now beckons him home… What is more troubling is the reality that Dane is a twenty five year old suicidal police officer living in New York City… Welcome to “The House of Gales”…..