Sunday, July 21, 2013

The INHERITORS Live action film short debuts now!

WELL AFTER A PERIOD OF PRODUCTION AND PROMOTION… THE INHERITORS live action adaptation of Robert Garrett's successful comic book of the same name. The movie is produced by Rubic House LLC & Xmoor studios and is directed by Chidi Ozieh. The story follows a highly decorated undercover detective Jude Jefferson who is on a personal mission to apprehend a serial killer who also happens to be the mayor's son. Unknown to him, this encounter will become a defining moment of his life. Director: Chidi Ozieh Producers: Chuks Oyem Chidi Ozieh Robert Garrett Eric Nocella Diaz Kelly Ann Walsh Cast: Sean Boyce Johnson Paul Mann Ellie Foumbi Jordan Auslander Director of Photography Ruben Rodas Composer Luis Almau Art Director Alina Uzlov Screenplay Chuks Oyem & Robert Garrett Editor Chidi Ozieh Visual Effects Chidi Ozieh